Mark brady | Producer/Artistic Director

Mark Brady is a leading Australian producer with a passion for making live entertainment infused with cultural richness and diversity accessible to western audiences.

Mark Brady was breathing showbiz from a young age since his family is now its third generation of producing and promoting artists worldwide. Marks Grandfather was a major venue owner in Berlin during the Roaring Twenties when the Cabaret era flourished and ran one of the most exclusive cabaret night clubs of that era. Mark’s father Tony Brady is recognised as one of Australia‘s most respected entertainment and experienced producer/promoters in Australia and internationally. Consequently, Mark was introduced to the entertainment world from backstage very early on. Mark was not always definitively taking the path in the entertainment industry and resisted entering the family business, having a fleeting romance with the notion of being a pilot. He was talked out of becoming a pilot by family friends and it was then that his attention was turned to the entertainment industry.

Shortly after completing his schooling, Mark commenced working in the family agency and was involved in the bookings side of the business and this gave him valuable experience in learning the mechanics of the industry. During this time, Mark, an accomplished pianist, was working in the agency by day and was twinkling the ivories by night. In his mid-twenties, Mark pursued his passion for the piano and played piano full time in Vienna and Berlin amongst a couple of seasons spent working in the Alps.

Upon his return to Australia, Mark returned to the business but had decided he wanted to do different projects and so he began developing the theatrical show arm of the business. Mark’s first success was Gaelforce Dance, which he co-created during the era of Riverdance and Lord of the Dance. His first foray into producing proved hugely successful and Gaelforce Dance went on to tour Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and spent three years touring Austria, Germany and Switzerland. It was during this time with Gaelforce Dance that Mark met his wife, Majella.

In London during the late 90s, Mark met Jon Lee, who introduced him to little show playing on the West End called Lady Salsa. It was a tiny show with a band, eight dancers and a narrator but it caught Mark’s attention. Mark collaborated with Jon Lee and director Toby Gough and together they re-produced, recreated and re-launched Lady Salsa in Australia. It was a great success and it has spent most of its life touring Europe.

Motivated by the great reception by audiences for Lady Salsa and inspired by several documentaries on Cuba, Mark along with Jon Lee and Toby Gough investigated the famous quarter in
Havana, Buena Vista. Home to the intensely passionate music and dance for which Cuba is
famous, they created an extraordinary show The Bar at Buena Vista featuring three legends from Buena Vista, who tell its history through music and dance. The Bar at Buena Vista has been touring the world for eight years.

In 2003, Mark was inspired to investigate Bollywood and so with Toby Gough, he went to India and was enamored by its cultural majesty and diversity. They got busy writing what was to become Merchants of Bollywood which has now been seen by well over three million patrons worldwide, two successful West End seasons, five star reviews in some of the world’s most respected publications such as the New York Times and the London Times. By far this has been the Brady families most successful production to date. Merchants of Bollywood has successfully toured around the globe and is now in its sixth year of touring.

During this time, Mark also produced smaller shows such as Kings of Salsa and traditional folkloric shows around regional Australia including Spirit of Ireland and Celtic Reign.

In 2008, Thomas Collien invited Mark to see Bad Boys of Dance in Zurich. Mark instantly recognised their talent and energy and in 2010, Mark presented Bad Boys of Dance to Australia in the dynamic show, Rock the Ballet, which after touring Australia went on to New Zealand and Asia.

With Ballet Revolución Mark Brady is revisiting his love for Cuban culture.